Tuesday, March 13, 2012

the city of NOTION PEOPLE

Notion People Cover Art by:Anthony J.


NOTION PEOPLE is a three piece band from San Francisco that started sometime in 2011. We recently recorded our full-length album at Castle Ultimate Studios in Oakland California. We spent two days recording 12 songs for our self-titled album. Everything went smoothly considering the amount of time we had to do a whole album in, then again we could have stopped at any time and called it done. Please feel free to have a listen... or two.

We also screen printed our own CD's at Big Umbrella Studios with the help of our friend Rick. We currently have 100 at our disposal. The CD comes with an insert and a jewel case. Just click on the store link for more info.

We all contribute to the band, and everyone has their thing that they do.

Anthony J. is a music-producer, freelance web-developer and graphic designer.

Grant G. is a freelance illustrator, painter, and is a wicked bass player.

Trevor M. is an engineer, music-producer, and is currently working on video game sounds, whilst playing drums for NOTION PEOPLE.

We each have something to bring to the table. We all enjoy making NOTION PEOPLE happen, and we hope if only for a moment that you are entertained.



Hey, if you wanna play a show with us, or you are looking to book us, you can contact us at:




We enjoy making things outside of music, like... visual art! It's just as important to us, so we drew inspiration from the song titles to create these images.

Although the physical copy does not come with the art for the singles, we are planning to make shirts, pins, and other merchandise in the near future. You'll have to check back later if you like what you see.

We aren't the kind of band that can flood the market with a bunch of merchandise. Most of what we make takes time, and resources. Both cost money.




self-titled album

each CD comes in a jewel case and was screen printed by hand by NOTION PEOPLE

price: $4.99

We currently have 100 copies of our album available.

We screen printed the CD labels and inserts, so each one is a little different. You can get it here! Just click on the album art and you will see a pay pal option available

We are currently in the process of making posters, shirts, and pins... please check back later, if you want more original stuff.